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Lindsey Johnson

My name is Lindsey Johnson and Cornerstone Coaching & Consulting helped me with starting my small tutoring business and building my resume.  Ms. Adrienne Johnson helped me create a resume that is visually and verbally appealing to employers.  She also helped me strengthen my interviewing skills by giving me buzzwords to use when answering questions during an interview.

SanQuanetta Coleman Testimonial Pic.jpeg

SanQuanetta Coleman

Cornerstone Coaching & Consulting has helped me strategize my career moves. Adrienne is intuitive and a great listener. She assesses and offers a view of your situation quickly. Adrienne helped me develop my vision for my career and how to manage my current resume and pursuing new opportunities. She sees the best in you and helps you build a plan for the strengths and passion to work in a career. She helped me bring my vision to life. I'm glad that I worked with her in planning my career. I'm forever grateful.

Sharonda Dugger Testimonial Pic.jpg

Sharonda Dugger

Here is why I recommend Cornerstone Coaching & Consulting. Beginning in 2008, Ms. Adrienne Johnson has been very instrumental over the years in many of my career moves. 

Adrienne has coached me through many mock interviews.  Adrienne has allowed me to call her after interviews to ask her thoughts on items I needed clarity on. Amazingly, she takes the time if I have not called her with updates, to follow up with me. She demonstrates a vested interest in helping me get to the next level.


Adrienne has been and still is a blessing to me not only for resume review,  interviews and performance coaching, but also providing clarity on the common practices of policy and procedures and how to handle management and/or human resource issues.

If you're looking for a qualified Coach in your next career move, Adrienne is your next best move to BETTER OPPORTUNITIES!

Eric Anthony Testimonial Pic.jpg

Eric Anthony

I want to take a moment to thank, Adrienne Johnson, of Cornerstone Coaching & Consulting for her coaching passion. Your passion for coaching helped me achieve my career goals and allowed me to advance in different departments of the federal government. All of the pointers given, helpful hints and mock interviews allowed leadership to see I had the knowledge and understanding of leading a division. Many people assume because you're a veteran, the job is automatically yours, and that’s far from the truth. I feel the coaching provided by Cornerstone Coaching & Consulting gave me an advantage to define and strengthen the soft skills within me, and for this, I want to thank you.